Shouldn’t have done that…

I once ended up homeless in Los Angeles for not asking the right questions and not planning properly. This may sound silly to most. However, it’s easy for most artists to get enamored by the thought of doing your passion for a living. My suggestion, practice good business within your passion. Don’t be afraid to ask the “awkward” questions like, what are all the details? Dates? Accommodations? Pay? And most importantly, get it in writing. Everyone is covering themselves, cover yourself. Be kind and courteous. Also, be wise. 

Let’s chat.

New dates!

The hangout fest was wonderful!

I’ll be playing the Neon Fest and Hechale with The Suffers. One of my favorite bands. Dates and times to be announced mañana. 

I also want to start a “Shouldn’t have done that…” Column. It’ll involve musical and non musical settings. I would love your questions and comments and I’ll reply as quickly as I can to them. As we share we grow. Let’s do this. 

Extra! Extra!

Howdy! Welcome to my new site! I’m so excited to share with ya’ll what I am or will be up to! More importantly how we can interact! Stay tuned!!! 

In the mean time here’s a shot of how much fun I had tracking drums for my friend Russell Willingham!