I once ended up homeless in Los Angeles for not asking the right questions and not planning properly. This may sound silly to most. However, it’s easy for most artists to get enamored by the thought of doing your passion for a living. My suggestion, practice good business within your passion. Don’t be afraid to ask the “awkward” questions like, what are all the details? Dates? Accommodations? Pay? And most importantly, get it in writing. Everyone is covering themselves, cover yourself. Be kind and courteous. Also, be wise. 

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  1. Bradley

    Hey Isias,

    I’m a self taught drummer with no formal lessons (save about a three month stretch). I’ve been playing, seriously, for about 10 years and I am looking to up my game and improve my chops and technique around the kit. Do you teach lessons? I like your style and would appreciate the opportunity to learn from you.

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